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hot seating…. is it too much for someone with learning differculties???

I can see the potentcal of ‘Hot seating’, with not just a topic’s facts being discussed by a group of student but also thier point of view. students also gained from seeing each others presentation skills. I do not believe however that it would be suitible for students with learning differcult or for learners with confidence issues, like students in the offender program, but I could be wrong I will have to research this over the next few months. Shadowing a tutor within the program will give me a greater insight in to a number of issues which I feel will come up……. confidencen….. a fear of education…. a deep rotted belief that they are unable to learn………there are many more things which will come up I will just have to anylse them as they come up.


what next?

Well time to get back on the horse! Waht have I done so far::::::

written a teacher cover letter

written a teacher CV…. which was a learning curve as it is totally different to a standard cv.

contacted the HR, Alison, at manchester college about joining the offender learning program there and have been offered voluntary work, just waiting for dates.

2/3 do on Unit 2

research propsal done.

just got the rest to do 😦 jesus who would have throught that teacher practice and theory would be so indepth!