Monthly Archives: November 2013

reflective mood

reflecting is a differcult thing to do when there is so much work to do. but I have through about my role with in the classroom as a teacher…. what have I to offer…. am i conciding all the students all of the time…. how can i improve……? I have been researching vygotsky, I feel I understand his theories, but I still have questions as to weather it can work in all classrooms, but may be that is the point, should we work in the same way with everyone? my answer would be no! I am sat in culcheth high school waiting for my class to turn up and for me to wake up and be postive and enthuiastic, its really hard sometimes to remain professional , teaching is like having a mask on and hiding the real world and you with it . I am sticking to what the poster says….. KEEP CARM AND CARRY ON…. I must get the obs out of the way and get my 1.2 unit written up , need to make lists! I could do with thinking about  who I wish to teach in the future